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The best Use of Ball Candle

Shenyang Shengjie Candle Company Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

Ball wax, is the abbreviation of spherical candles. The ball candle looks smooth, similar to the ball, wax core is the top of the ball. Lit the ball wax, with the slow burning, the middle will be concave, so that will not let the wax flow out. Ball wax is a kind of daily candles, can be used for decoration, can also be used for general lighting. Candle huts of the ball wax used for decorative ball wax, mostly in the room inside. And ordinary lighting ball wax, will be used in bars, nightclubs and other places.

Ball wax will be divided into many kinds, the first: Christmas ball candle, this type of ball wax, the appearance is red or green stripes interval, fruit ball type. Mainly for Christmas decorations, can be hung in the Christmas tree, you can also put in the hall, inside the room, for the family to increase the Christmas atmosphere. The second: aromatic ball candle, ball wax is also a fragrance, there are many kinds of fragrance, lavender, lily, mint, lemon and so on. The third: floating ball candle, this ball is the biggest feature of the ball can float on the water, all called floating ball wax. Lit a ball wax, and then let him float on the water floating, is also very warm.

The best use of ball wax should be used to show, not for collection. Will be a round ball of wax on the candlestick, and then decorated with dried rose buds, not only beautiful, but also scattered a touch of fragrance. Put the floating ball candle in the water is also very good match. The water glowing shimmer, such as beans candle flickering, floating water candles own a confusing beauty. Candles are naturally floating on the surface of the water, these shapes are simple, small and exquisite candles can burn for a long time. Accompanied by a clear and transparent glass bowl, you can also sprinkle fresh petals on the water, or in the simple floating water candle around the sprinkle some fresh rose buds. Should choose a large impact with the large flowers. Gerbera and Anemone are prominent, colorful, and ideal.

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