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Tealight Candle effectively Remove Formaldehyde

Shenyang Shengjie Candle Company Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

Learn how to use Tealight Candle - Tealight Candle before the use of methods, first understand some of the basic information of Tealight Candle.

Tealight Candle, also known as coffee wax, warm tea, its small size, burning time is long, is a must for Western families. Tea candles, is the bar with the aluminum cans pouring wax, the general birthday to the case, the burning time in 1-3 hours ranging from weight, because the general bar, KTV, cafe and some so called Tealight Candle.

Suitable for home, effectively remove formaldehyde, improve the home environment. Formaldehyde on human health mainly as follows: olfactory abnormalities, irritation, allergies, immune dysfunction. Long-term exposure to low doses of formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases, inhibition of DNA damage repair, causing cancer, colon cancer, brain tumors, menstrual disorders, nuclear gene mutation and all kinds of female pregnancy syndrome, more serious also cause newborn Children with chromosomal abnormalities, leading to adolescent memory and mental decline, causing leukemia.

Quzhi Tealight Candle: Tealight Candle contains the essence of smoke removal effect, when lit with the smell of the air molecules and reaction, can be achieved to eliminate the effect of odor, while the release of elegant aroma

Tealight Candle raw materials

High-quality high-quality Tealight Candle is the use of high-quality plant wax as raw material, such as soybean wax, carnauba wax. Low-grade low-grade Tealight Candle is the use of other raw materials, such as paraffin, even worse is the recovery of wax, waste wax as raw material.

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