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Tealight Candle Aroma How To Use The Method

Shenyang Shengjie Candle Company Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Tealight Candles burning, the heat emitted from the Tealight Candle out, usually takes some time to make the Tealight Candle to the outside of the ignition. At this time if the sudden extinguish the Tealight Candle, then the heat is not enough to reach the outside, will only melt the middle part of the Tealight Candle, over time in the middle of the Tealight Candle formed like a 'tunnel' the same pit. 'Tunnel phenomenon' will affect the normal life of the Tealight Candle, you want to avoid the 'tunnel phenomenon', it is best in the initial ignition to ensure continuous burning at least 2 hours, so that heat can reach the outside of the Tealight Candle. If your home Tealight Candle has a 'tunnel', then put the outer part of the outer Tealight Candle cut down to fill around the Tealight Candle core and then use it.

Lit Tealight Candles will produce Tealight Candle smoke this is mostly because the Tealight Candle core is too long or the Tealight Candle placed in the wind too strong due to the place. Too long Tealight Candle will lead to incomplete combustion, and this is the Tealight Candle smoke the biggest reason. Therefore, want to be ignited when the harm, the most intelligent way is to keep the Tealight Candle core in the wax above the distance of about 5mm. Unlike a Tealight Candle that produces a Tealight Candle, the Tealight Candle that is produced when the Tealight Candle is extinguished is because the 'fire fighting' we use is not right.

Are we all accustomed to extinguishing Tealight Candles by mouth blowing? In fact this method is the most undesirable, not only will produce a lot of pungent Tealight Candle, but also cause harm to the human body. The correct way is to use a Tealight Candle cover or use a Tealight Candle to fire. Home without these props, you can use the wax cover the way the firecrackers fire.

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