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Pressed Pillar Candle how to Make

Shenyang Shengjie Candle Company Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

Pressed Pillar Candle are both useful and elegant, its charm is to bring the room angry. When you put a few candles into the candlestick, in the outdoors it will become a fine torch. This DIY candle is wax and summer flowers made of specimens, the use of both significant luxury, the production is very simple. Pressed Pillar Candle joined the essential oil, in the burning, the room space will be filled with a charming aroma, a kind of fragrance can stimulate your good wishes.

Last year, before Christmas, I made a simulation of this candle. In the microblogging issued after these days, constantly asked how to make.

Today, take a little time to re-create a Pressed Pillar Candle, the way to talk with you.

Many people use cold film to protect the flowers. However, the cold film sticks on the Pressed Pillar Candle is not very good. Feel is not like candles.

Someone with wax to seal the flowers. This method is good, but if it is the production of Pressed Pillar Candle, it is impossible to put the whole candle in the wax. And then there is one or two candles, then it will be very troublesome. There is the dissolved wax must be used to double the pot, or easy to fire.

My method is very simple. Is to use Mod Podge glue. This glue can be found on Taobao. In the United States, general handicraft stores, Walmart, Target and so on. Make candles best with matt.

With a small brush dipped in a small amount of glue, wipe the place where the sticky material.

Then stick the flowers. Make sure the flowers and Pressed Pillar Candle are completely pasted. And then a thin layer above the flowers.

The thin glue is done very quickly. A few minutes is not sticky hand.

Paste a small flower. Try to find a single layer of flowers. Floral flowers are less likely to be posted.

And finally the whole piece of flowers and then a thin layer of glue.

After the beautiful embossed Pressed Pillar Candle to do a good job.

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