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Glass Candle-the popular Type of Candles nowadays

Shenyang Shengjie Candle Company Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

Glass candle is one of the earliest lighting tools in ancient times, mainly for lighting, decoration or sacrificial purposes, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, in Egypt and Greece in the 3000 before the relevant records of candles. Today, in addition to the general use of traditional candles, but also the introduction of a wide range of various features, a full range of candles, can be categorized as follows:

Aromatic Glass Candle: Aromatic candle refers to the essence of the flavor into the production of a wish candle, through the burning way, so that the air diffuse romantic rich fragrance. In addition, the tower incense or incense is also worth the choice of aromatic way, use must pay attention to ventilation, and avoid placing in the flammable side.

The container glass candle pours the already completed candle liquid into the different material, the shape container, after forming is the general common container candle, the common container mostly is the glass, the clay and the metal material. Container candles in the purchase, the most need to consider is its light and shadow, and the glass container wax candle in the transparent and light on the performance of the best. Other containers such as glass, iron cans, pottery and other candles, the effect on the decorations are also unique and interesting.

Modelling candles recently, consumers have been accustomed to the use of candles in various corners of the home, so all kinds of innovative shape candles used to live, also gradually in the candle market occupies a pivotal point, for example, the use of natural shells, dried flowers, dried fruits and vegetables and other materials refined into a flower candle, so that people in the room, but also through the candles of light and shadow, as if immersive in a wilderness trip wonderful.

The floating glass candle is through the candle itself colorful romantic tone, floats in the water bowl or the flower device, the flickering candlelight figure reflected in the clear water shadow, the romantic, elegant ineffable.

Why do you blow candles for your birthday? It is said that this custom began in ancient Greece. In Ancient Greece, the goddess of the moon is very worship of Artemis, every year for her birthday celebrations, at the altar, for the flour and honey cake made from the top, there are many lighted candles. They shining the light of the candle into the moon, to show the special adoration of the moon goddess. Later, when the ancient Greeks celebrated their children's birthdays, they also liked to put cakes on the table, the cakes were inserted into many lighted candles, and the contents of the candles were added. They believe that the burning candle has some kind of mysterious secret power, when the birthday person in the heart silently make a wish, blow out all the candles, then can be fulfilled. This custom has been spreading to modern times and has become popular in many countries.

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