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Germany Experts Found That The Anti-fouling Coatings From Candle Soot

Shenyang Shengjie Candle Company Ltd | Updated: Nov 08, 2016

In recent days, according to press reports, Germany Mainz Institute of the Max Planck Institute of polymer research expert made new discoveries, a new coating allows you to get rid of the habit of always with his sleeve clean screen. ASH Researcher candle screen (not from smoking) with silicon dioxide (required after steam treatment, are mainly used to fix the ashes) coating on the glass, coating is basically black, of course, and then after 600oC calcined, the process is to make the layer transparent. Several complex working procedures after the coating can withstand oil and other solvents, that is to say basically stains can be wiped out. And before Apple patented want without leaving the screen fingerprint's starting point is the same, that is the digital screen clean and stain-resistant products. But researchers still do not know when the study found that commercial market if consumers can't wait, you can try the Brasso, a digital screen paint, smearing also resists fingerprints. If the technology can be applied, those who wear glasses more benefit.

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