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What are Tea Lights?

Shenyang Shengjie Candle Company Ltd | Updated: Jul 31, 2017

Tea lights are small candles which were originally designed for use in food and tea warmers. Their design is also very close to that used for votive candles, and the two are used interchangeably in many places. The candles are very small, and they tend to be inexpensive, because they require minimal materials. Many stores carry tea lights, ranging from home design shops to supermarkets, and they are often available in large bulk bags.

Several things distinguish a tea light. The first is the short, round shape. Tea lights look like flat discs, since they are wider than they are tall, unlike many other candles. Tea lights are also typically enclosed in metal, and they liquefy as they heat up. They are uniform in size, so that tea lights can be used universally in a wide range of holders designed for them. Different manufacturers produce scented or colored tea lights for decorative use.

When used to warm food, tea lights are typically held in a small framework which is designed to support a dish or bowl of food. While tea lights are not usually used to actively heat food, they can maintain a steady temperature. In some instances, tea lights can heat a small amount of food, such as chipped chocolate in a small personal fondue pot. Many kitchen supply stores carry food warmers designed to work with tea lights.

Many people also use tea lights decoratively. A number of companies manufacture tea light holders, small shallow candle holders which are intended to hold one or many tea lights. A wide assortment of designs are intended to complement different design aesthetics, and specialty tea light holders may even be designed to float on water or rotate as they warm up to flash designs around a room. Tea light holders are available at many home design stores and they can also be ordered through online retailers.

When used religiously, tea lights are designed to fit into votive holders at an altar or into a bed of sand used to support candles. Votive candles can technically come in a range of sizes, from squat tea lights to tall tapers, although many churches only provide one kind, for a uniform look at the altar. Tea lights may be used in some cases as votive candles since they are attractive, inexpensive, and surprisingly long burning. As a general rule, when lighting a candle for someone at an altar, it is traditional to make a donation to the church. Some churches simply directly sell candles to worshipers, who may light the candles at the altar as needed.


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