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What Is Jasmine Essential Oil?

Shenyang Shengjie Candle Company Ltd | Updated: Jan 08, 2018

Jasmine essential oil is derived from the jasmine flower. It originally was from Asia and Africa, and after it was introduced to Europe, it quickly became a favorite among perfumers and had a host of practical medical and cosmetic applications. The jasmine flower's delicateness requires that its essential oil be derived with the utmost care under the practice of enfleurage.

Jasmine smells sweet and flowery without the harshness of chemical solvents. Many people attribute an exotic quality to the scent, and both sexes can find the scent appealing for personal use. Its color can be amber-like. The common species Jasminum grandiflorum is often used to make essential oils, but other species, such as Jasminum officinale, also can be used. Jasmine essential oil has a reputation for being expensive; the price for the essential oil increases along with the rarity of the jasmine species used.

The benefits of using jasmine essential oil are many. People who use this essential oil often feel relaxed and calm. Some report experiencing medical benefits from using jasmine essential oil. The oil is purported to lift depression, soothe coughs, improve skin elasticity and alleviate sexual problems. It even can be used as an antiseptic and anti-spasmodic, among other things.


The oil derived from the jasmine flower often is referred to as the "woman's oil" because of its many potential uses among women. Historically, the oil has been used to aid childbirth by relieving labor pain. It also has been used to regulate menstruation, relieve the problems associated with menses and delay menopause. Some women use it to increase the flow of breast milk. Certain women looking to prevent breast cancer or tumors might apply jasmine essential oil on their breasts.

Similarly, this essential oil also is used to promote uterine health. Some individuals report that using jasmine oil can help balance hormones, in particular estrogen. This can be beneficial to those who suffer from hormone imbalances or those who undergo hormonal changes as a natural part of life, such as with menopause. It can help relieve symptoms associated with monthly hormonal changes because of the beginning of menstruation by reducing or eliminating fatigue and nausea, for example. Women also might use jasmine oils to help reduce the appearance ofstretch marks.

Jasmine essential oil can be used as a base note for perfumes or as a base for essential oil blends. It can provide a great foundation for fragrances or scents that are designed to develop over time. Jasmine can work especially well in blends that contain vetiver, sandalwood and sweet orange.

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