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Candles Originated From The Primitive Torch

Shenyang Shengjie Candle Company Ltd | Updated: Nov 08, 2016

Torches of candles originated from the primitive times. Primitive people fat or wax or something painted on the bark or wood chips, bundled together, lighting the torch. About appeared in the 3rd century BC the embryonic form of beeswax may be seen today the candle. In the West, there was a time, beekeeping in the monastery, to homemade honey wax, this is mainly because the Catholic Church believe that beeswax is the symbol of the Virgin conception, so as a pure light honey wax, worshipped at the altar of the Church. From the perspective of existing literature, beeswax and same time in China and the West, Japan was in the Nara period (710-784 years) introduced from China of this candle, and compared to modern candles, ancient candle has many shortcomings. Tang dynasty poet Li Shang-yin's "Oh, when shall we be trimming Wicks again, together in your Western window" verse. Poet: why cut candle? Candles candle is made of cotton twist, erect in the center of the fire, charring due to burning, so from time to time with a pair of scissors will be residual candle ends cut off. This is a troublesome thing, in 1820, the strong French columns Bashir invented three cotton braided candle, candle burning natural release and end skip to fire outside, allowing complete combustion. But the candles need to be further improved, its materials generally have many shortcomings of animal fat, solving this problem is she not Reul and others.

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