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Aroma Tealight Candle Profile Is Really Green And Healthy

Shenyang Shengjie Candle Company Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Tealight Candle, made of wax or other fuel, in the Tealight Candle core, after ignition can continue to burn supplies. Now in addition to the role of ignition lighting, but also indispensable elements of life embellishment.

Aroma Tealight Candle are a kind of Tealight Candle, rich in appearance, beautiful colors, its implication of natural plant essential oils, when emitting a pleasant fragrance, with beauty care, soothing nerves, air purification, odor elimination effect The Aroma The main ingredient of Tealight Candle is paraffin, easy to melt, the density is less than water does not dissolve in water. Heat melted into liquid, colorless and transparent and slightly heat and volatile, can be heard of the unique smell of paraffin. Cold when solidified as a white solid, with a slight smell. Through the sense of smell, Tealight Candle emerge out of the curl can play a soothing spirit of the effect, in addition, it can purify the air, clear the bacteria in the air, but also become a catalyst for life taste. Aroma Tealight Candle in foreign countries have been popular for many years, still continue to roll up a new boom.

High-grade aromatherapy Tealight Candle are selected soy wax as raw material, soy wax drawn natural, burning without residue, will not produce toxic and harmful gases, is the real green health products.

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