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What Is Sandalwood Perfume?

Shenyang Shengjie Candle Company Ltd | Updated: Dec 03, 2017

Sandalwood perfume is a cologne with a distinct woody scent. It is usually made from sandalwood extract, which is obtained from the sandalwood tree. The sandalwood fragrance is sometime mixed with other fragrances to create a unique perfume. This wood has been used for centuries to create perfume as well as incense and skin remedies. Unfortunately, many species of sandalwood are now in danger of extinction.  The sandalwood trees are from the Santalum genus. There are several different species of this tree, and Santalum spicatum is one that is used most often when making sandalwood perfume. This is commonly referred to as Australian sandalwood, because it grows primarily in Australia.  Oils found in sandalwood are typically the most fragrant part of the tree. Sandalwood essential oil is often used when making high quality or natural sandalwood perfume. Some perfume manufacturers may use a synthetic sandalwood fragrance oil, however, known as isobornyl cyclohexanol. The fragrance of this synthetic substitute does not usually last as long as the natural oils, but it is often less expensive.  Both men and women can wear sandalwood perfume. Since this can be a very strong scent when used alone, it is often mixed with other, more mellow scents. For women, sandalwood can be mixed with rose, jasmine, patchouli, or vanilla. Men will typically prefer more manly scents, and sandalwood can be mixed with musk or amber.  Several homemade sandalwood perfume recipes can be found on the Internet. These often call for sandalwood essential oil as well as other essential oils. Pure essential oils can irritate some people's skin, however, and these homemade perfumes usually need to be diluted. This is often done by adding a carrier oil, such as almond or coconut oil.  Throughout history, many cultures have used sandalwood for things besides sandalwood perfume. It was often used to make incense, and it is still used for this today. Some cultures even used sandalwood oil to heal dry skin.  In recent years, sandalwood tree numbers have been rapidly declining. This is partly due to deforestation and human encroachment. Also, many trees are being harvested at an earlier age.  Making true sandalwood perfume is becoming much more expensive, since the oil is becoming increasingly scarce. To remedy this, some areas have begun creating sandalwood plantations. Australia is one country with sandalwood plantations. Both Indian and Australian sandalwood are grown on these plantations. Some parts of India also grow sandalwood for export.

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