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What are the different types of Aromatherapy Treatment?

Shenyang Shengjie Candle Company Ltd | Updated: Nov 13, 2017

Many people define aromatherapy treatment as the use of oils or massage to achieve both psychological and physical well-being. While this is an accurate general description, it leaves out the importance of essential oils and other forms of aromatherapy that do not involve massage. These other types of aromatherapy include cosmetic aromatherapy, clinical aromatherapy, and aromatology. In fact, aromatherapy and massage are separate treatments that can be used in conjunction to complement the healing effects of each other.

The use of aromatherapy dates back to ancient China, which is believed to be the first society to have treated the body and mind with aromatic plant oils. Eventually, the practice spread to the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Aromatherapy treatment began regaining popularity in the late 20th century.

Essential oils are a main component of any aromatherapy treatment. These oils are 100-percent natural. They are extracted from plants through steam distillation.

Each variety of essential oils has a different effect. Many have therapeutic effects but there are some essential oils that can actually cause harm. These include bitter almond, mustard, onion, garlic, and wormwood oils. There are other natural ingredients beside essential oils that play a crucial role in aromatherapy. These include vegetable oils, liquid wax, herbs, milk powders, sugars, clay, and mud.

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