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Candles by shapes can be divided into

Shenyang Shengjie Candle Company Ltd | Updated: Nov 08, 2016

According to shapes can be divided into extrusion cylinder of wax, the candles pointed bamboo candle, torch candle, floating candle wax-wax, round head, flat head, color has in many ways. These candles when you use some more attention, such as pointed bamboo wax, suitable for eating time in candlestick, placed in the middle of the table, particularly in commonly used in Western cuisine, home decoration is the European style, also can be placed in the living room as a decoration. Bleaching wax is commonly found in bars, poured into a container vessels, water, wax floating on the water, it will float on the surface, secretly do not have a candlelight atmosphere. Bleaching wax for use in the home for young people more, especially couples, candlelight dinner can not only use pointed bamboo waxes, bleaching the wax will also bring good results.

In addition, the same candle in many sizes, extrusion cylinder of wax, for example, has four dimensions: 8x25 cm 8x20 cm 7x15 cm 7x10 cm.

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